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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  12-20-2017
Number of Hours:  0.30
Manual Reference:  na
Brief Description:  Cylinder removal progress

No pics this time.

The other day I ground the snot out of my 9/16" brand-new special purpose cylinder base wrench. EVERYONE says you have to grind a) the height of the box wrench end, and b) the outer diameter of the box. You'd think that if everyone has to grind, that the mfr would get the hint. Oh well, they fit now, so I'm thrilled.

Removed the between-cylinder baffling which was covering the lower cylinder nuts. Once that was clear, I was able to get the wrench on and loosen the nuts. 1/2" nuts are used on the top and bottom center studs, so I have to grind the 1/2" wrench similar to what was done on the 9/16". Everything else is disconnected, so hopefully will have the cyls off soon.
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