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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  1-2-2021
Number of Hours:  1.60
Manual Reference:  C75-FA-9
Brief Description:  More upper window fitting / bench cleanup

Spent some time rechecking the fit of the lower fwd fuse skin to the forward longeron that terminates in the upper engine mounts.

Next, moved on to the top window. Drilled into the window for rivet locations. Used the acrylic bit. Postioned in place and drilled thru the new holes into the upper window ribs. Clecco'd. Result was a flush install. Looks good. Have to obtain some info about fitting the rear trim edge.

Significant time putting away misc stuff on the bench in order to provide the most organized space to spread-out the engine parts for cleaning and sequencing.
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