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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  11-6-2020
Number of Hours:  0.80
Manual Reference:  n/a
Brief Description:  Test Elevator Trim Servo / Calibrate Torque Wrench

No. pics.

Not much goiing on...back hurting pretty bad.

Since I'll be starting the build up of my engine very soon, I decided to check the calibration of my two torque wrenches.

My Mac Tools torquewrench that I've had since the mid-70's was WAY out of calibration - like over 10 ft lgs off. That's a non-use item now until it's fixed.

OTOH, my $15 Harbor Freight 1/2" torque wench was just about dead nuts on across all of the values I'll be using for the engine. Go figure.

Once that was done, I had moved the elevator from the office to the garage a few days ago to install the service bulletin kit, so I figured it would be easy to connect the wires for the trim servo and check it out. I stripped and connected the trim wires from the aft end of the plane to the elevator propped up next to it. Wouldn't ya know it worked fine right out of the box! Even my custom wiring for the Ray Allen grip worked correctly when control was transferred to it. Like the flaps previously, the motor ran backwards, but that was fixed just by swapping two wires at the control transfer switch on the console. Indicator worked an everything!
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