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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  4-24-2020
Number of Hours:  1.90
Manual Reference:  C75-FA-9
Brief Description:  Windshield

Some steps in building an airplane are just looked at with trepidation; regardless of who's gone before you, there's always the uncertainty.

The windshield is one example. As per plans, the Cruzer windshield sits much lower - almost to the edge where the upper panel skin (black) meets the forward fuse skins (red). The factory demo diverges from the plans, having the windshield up higher to where it does not overlap the front cabin frame tube rivets (below the aft edge below). If done by plans, additionally, there's more room onthe side of the windshield and plan where junk can fall down between the two parts, looking cruddy.

Put the plexi in place. Had to trim the area around the upper right top cabin tube to allow a correct fit.

Next, I trimmed the lower front edge, because it was sitting WAY in front of the forward cabin frame tubes. I don't know how critical it is, but every Cruzer I've seen had the lower edge behind the rivet line for the firewall. This line was about 1.5" behind the plexi before I started trimming.

I made two passes on trimming the lower front edge. Took some time mapping-out with tape the profile I wanted for the lower curved sections of the plexi to ride up high enough. Was going to do this in two passes as well, but foolishness got the better part of me and I made it in one pass on each side.

Still have to finess and touch-up the lower edge, and adjust the lower "curve" a bit, then trim the read edges of the plexi where it overlaps the vertical front cabin frame tubes.
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after first pass on lower frt; took another pass to shorten  to reveal FW rivet line

after first pass on lower frt; took another pass to shorten to reveal FW rivet line

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