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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  4-15-2020
Number of Hours:  1.40
Manual Reference:  C75-NA-2
Brief Description:  Completed right door glass trim & drilling

Trimming the "glass" was not hard - just tedious. A lot of on-off, measuring, marking, sanding, etc.

Finally got a great fit. Removed the glass from the frame (was just cleco'd), then trimmed the inner and outer blue film off the edge so I could check for cracks, etc.

Made a 3/16" plexi drill bit by grinding the sharp edges off of an old dull 3/16" bit. Enlarged all the rivet holes in the glass, but left the frame at 5/32" size for correct riveting. You want some slight movement under the rivets to allow for thermal contraction & expansion.

I then marked the center of the hole for the door latch knob, drilled slowly with a #40 bit, then gradually expanded to 1/4". Used a 7/8" hole saw to cut the hole. Zenith recommended cutting 1/2 way from each side of the glass, so I did. Came out clean as a whistle.

Once that was done, I called Zenith to order a new glass for the cracked left door.
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