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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  3-28-2020
Number of Hours:  2.30
Manual Reference:  C75-NA-2
Brief Description:  Left Door frame assembly

I've "worked" on the plane the past 3 days, just not a lot of hands-on-tools type work. Mostly working data interconnects for the avionic boxes, etc.

today I continued on the left door. I had previously cut the 3 frame pieces to the correct length; today I removed the shims that I used because they were too thick. They were "OK" but the rivets on the door sill pieces made them closer to 1/4" instead of 3/16". Fortunately, I made the shims out of two pieces of stock for each piece - one 1/8", and one 1/16", so I just removed the 1/16" piece and taped the 1/8" shims in place. I adjusted a few of the pieces to accomodate the new shim size, then clamped outer corner gussets in place.

I drilled the gussets & frame rails to #40 size, then updrilled to #30.

I then checked the angles on the inner corner braces shown in pic 1. Angles were OK so I measured, marked, and drilled #40 pilot holes, 2 per leg, for 4 gussets.

I had some time so I then up-drilled the corner braces to #20 and riveted with stainless steel A5 rivets. I then removed the door frame in pic 2 and took it inside to lay on the table; it's supposed to be set when the upper corner has a 30mm block under it and the other 3 corners lay flat on the table. WooHoo they do!
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