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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  11-17-2019
Number of Hours:  1.70
Manual Reference:  n/a
Brief Description:  Drill holes for fuel lines to wings

no pics;

Took all this time to basically drill two 9/16" holes.

The issue is that I can't get *in* the fuselage, so I have to bend around the front vertical channels to mark and drill, which ain't easy......

Part of the issue is that you need to drill this large hole as close to the fuselage longeron as you can, but you're not allowed to nick / cut / whatever the longeron, otherwise your fuselage falls apart under stress loads.

Hardest part was that once the mark was made where to drill, the bit would want to skip around, so I wanted to centerpunch the desired drill location with my spring punch. Of course, bending around the posts and having to have the arms & hands follow, was a challenge. Finally got the holes drilled. Then I had to make-up some flat-sided washers to fit between the fitting and the fuselage skin to avoid having the edge of the fitting rest on the longeron.
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