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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  10-17-2019
Number of Hours:  2.80
Manual Reference:  n/a
Brief Description:  Paint Vertical Stab, Nose Strut base, & upper door

Spent time cleaning-out and test spraying a new paint gun. I found a $16 HF gun on sale, HVLP with a removable plastic paint cup (upper). They advise you take it all apart and thoroughly clean it well.

Since I've never used let alone own a gun, I loaded it with some solvent and practiced spraying so I could see how to adjust the pattern, force, etc. Hmmm....seemed pretty straightfoward.

In total, I prepped and painted 6 parts: the vertical stabilizer, the left and right upper cabin frame door frames (4 pcs), and the nose strut lower bracket.

First, scrubbed with thinner to remove any mill marks, etc. Then I used a red scotchbrite pad and Dawn dish detergent to thoroughly wash all parts. Then I used Alumiprep to remove any corrosion, followed by Alodine to perform the surface conversion to improve paint grip.

After letting parts air-dry (low humidity day), I loaded up the paint gun with paint. I previously thinned the paint with a flow agent when I rolled the fuselage, so I just loaded it into the gun as-is.

All in all, it applied much better than I thought! Not a single run or drip.
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