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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  8-2-2019
Number of Hours:  2.10
Manual Reference:  C75-LA-1
Brief Description:  Nose Gear Bearing Block

Well, it's been awhile. Had to wait for a new lower bearing block for the nose gear - the original one was 2.5mm too wide. Plus we were going to KS. Upon our return, we had the new bearing block, but then we had about 1 wk before leaving for Oshkosh, which was a 2 week trip. So now we're back at home.

I had to sand-down each side of the NEW bearing block because it was juuuuuusst a bit too wide. Belt/disk sander on the bench cleaned it right up.

With the strut and block in position, I used a #12 bit to drill up into the bearing block just a bit to mark where I needed to drill. Removed all parts and drilled to 5/8" depth with a #3 drill (not all the way thru). Removed the block. Up-drilled the holes in the lower bearing support to 1/4" (was #12). Leveled the two bearing block halves with plywood (pic looks skewed, but they were level). Remounted block to check that everything lined up - it did.

Not shown, but once the block is in position, the builder creates a jig made up of a piece of flat stock pre-drilled with the location of the holes that go thru the block. The block and this jig are inserted into the bearing block location, and, using the rear hole, drilled thru the center firewall supports and into the existing hole in the bearing block.
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