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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  3-29-2019
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  n/a
Brief Description:  Investigate Paint Processes

The date of 3/29 is arbitrary. I did lots of investigation for short times each day over a broad range of dates. Figured I'd just put a summary discussion here.

Based on another builder's recommendation online, I decided to paint my large subassemblies myself, using a paint roller. Yes, a paint roller.

Short story is that I spent a lot of time cutting small (4x6") of aluminum, cleaning them, alumiprepping them, and alodizing them. The results are acceptable for my expectations. Not show quality, but this is not a show plane.

I also had the challenge of getting the fuselage in and out of the garage, ideally with just two of us. I built a jig shown below to fit in the main landing gear channel (no gear mounted yet). Not the strongest, but with gentle handling it should do just fine.

I was obsessing over this point because I'm at a point where I could put the fuselage on its landing gear, which would then make it harder to paint later on.
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