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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  2-25-2019
Number of Hours:  2.20
Manual Reference:  C75-CA-5
Brief Description:  Disassemble FWD fuse, start debur, lay-out rudder

Completely removed the forward fuselage subassembly to disassemble, debur, and begin riveting.

Started debur of some parts, mostly the lower fuselage skin.

Started fitment of the rudder pedal assemblies. The center bearing block is pre-drilled, but the end brackets need to be fit and drilled. The pilot side outer bracket had to be shortened in length because the bracket size, if unadjusted, would result in the pedal being at an angle. Cut down the bracket. Next, because the bracket must be parallel to the centerline of the aircraft, but the skin side is angled, the builder must ensure that while the holes are on an angle, the bracket remains square. Determined the position, clamped, drilled, then up-drilled to 3/16" for AN3 hardware. repeated for the passenger side, but no need to trim the bracket.

Dug out the master cylinder brackets, but just laied in place; it was getting late. These are narrower, but the outboard bracket must be drilled on an angle, just like the pedal bracket. (see pic 2 below; brackets are off to the side to show the relative position of the holes)
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