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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  12-18-2018
Number of Hours:  1.70
Manual Reference:  C75-FA-5
Brief Description:  Prep firewall for riveting

Fabricated the L-angle stiffener that goes on top of the main upper structure. Clamped in place and pilot-drilled to #40, then up-drilled in two steps to #20.

Removed the parts and deburred the drilled holes.

Checked the main assy for other #40 pilot holes that needed to be up-sized and drilled those.

Disassembled and deburred the other parts just drilled and partially re-cleco'd. There are some parts that remain un-cleco'd right now in order to get rivets under the final parts.

Next step is to rivet.
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