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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  6-30-2018
Number of Hours:  1.30
Manual Reference:  C75-WA-3
Brief Description:  Finish up pitot tube routing; folded and fastened

Y'know, it's been brutal lately with the heat. It's 10 PM and still 90 deg; officially the highs might only be 99-100, but our digital is saying 104 during the day. It's just no fun working on aluminum in that heat, even with a fan.

Anyway, I purchased more adel clamps and installed them tonight. See pic 1. Regardless of how I tried to route the tubing thru or around the lightening holes, I was concerned that it would ultimately kink when I pushed the tubes up inside the wing when installing the pitot/static tube assembly. I finally decided the best way to a) route the tubing to prvent kinds and b) secure the tubing against chafing was to drill a hole in the nose rib, install a grommet, and proceed.

After cleaning up and vacuuming aluminum chips from the nose bays, I set up my ratchet straps to pull-over the inner nose skin. I was going to wait until tomorrow to do the real clamping, intending only to put some light pressure on the skins to hold the straps in place overnight. Well, after getting them in position, I decided it wasn't that much further, so progressively tightened them until I was able to get some cleco's in the holes, which allowed more clecos, and all of a sudden the nose skin was in place.
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