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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  5-17-2018
Number of Hours:  1.30
Manual Reference:  C75-WA-2
Brief Description:  Replace Root Nose Skin

Having removed the skin last night, I had to drill-out (upsize) several of the holes in the new skin before installing it. This is because along certain rivet lines (like for the spar), minute differences in the skins might result in them not lining up. As a result, one skin is pilot drilled, and then all the other skins underneath it are pilot drilled, then gradually taken up to #20 for A5 rivets.

Since the new skin with #40 holes did not line up with the already-drilled to #20 holes (slightly off center) I was concerned that the drill bit would elongate the hole creating a poor grip and alignment difficulties. I took a 3/16" piece of aluminum stock and drilled a #20 hole in it. I then drew red ink around the old #20 holes and overlayed that onto the new skin. Sighting thru the 3/16" stock until no red was showing, I clamped all 3 pieces together (the jig, old skin, and new skin) and drilled. All holes came out perfect!

I then cleco'd the new skin in place, and whoop dee doo, all holes lined up, and the resulting gaps are WELL within my allowable tolerences for this miserable piece of the project. Up-drilled to #20, un-cleco'd, and started deburring. Tomorrow I'll have to vacuum up the fod chips left behind and rivet the nose skin!

Note, in pic 1 below, it looks like a crease on the leading edge. In the pic, there is. As currently installed (no pic), the crease is gone. The problem was that a brace piece I had behind the skin was jutting out a bit, pushing the skin. I finessed the fit and all is well.
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