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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  4-29-2018
Number of Hours:  2.40
Manual Reference:  C75-WA-3
Brief Description:  Rivet Upper Skins

A lot of rivets.

Checked to ensure spar had no twist; riveted open rivet holes with A5 rivets. Started with main spar in the center, and worked outward. Removed spar clecos and then riveted the every-other-hole empty spots.

Riveted the aft rib / upper skins; again, starting in the center, working down each rib then alternating left and right from the center.

Finished up by riveting the nose rib skin; started in the center, then alternated left and right.

Riveted the root rib nose skin on the bottom; could have done this earlier, but wanted to study installation options.

Just need to rivet the trailing edge and install the fuel tank.
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